Osandok Information Technology Center(OITC) is an IT R&D; company and key areas of our technology expertise are systems software including desktop operating systems, real-time, embedded, clustering/distributed systems and lots of kinds of system utilities.
   OITC has developed systems software products based on technologies of the development of kernel, device driver, and globalization & localization in multi-platforms such as MS-Windows, Linux, Mac OS and so on.
   OITC employs a staff of more than 100 highly qualified managers, engineers and technical personnel, most of who graduated from the well-known universities in Korea, including     Kim Il Sung University.
   Over 30% of staffs hold Master’s Degrees equipped with the ability to put his knowledge of English, Japanese, and Chinese to good use.
   OITC has implemented the construction of Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2000 and the objectives of CMM 3, and also provided the IT consulting and education related to software development.
   OITC has several outsourcing branches in China(Beijing and Changchun) and Malaysia.
   Osandok Information Technology Center’s mission is to consistently cater to the expectations of our clients by exploiting and providing high quality, powerful and flexible systems software solutions.

Domestic and Offshore outsourcing

OITC provides outsourcing services for wide areas of software development.
   Over 100 engineers specialize in the advanced Linux and MS-Windows technology and have enough experience to develop system-level software, as well as applications development for a wide range of platforms/environments.

IT Consulting and Education

OITC can provide the custom engineering and development expertise for all of the clients’ needs, especially for system software, project management, Web -based management system, construction of quality management system, anti-virus, security and so on.

On-Site Outsourcing

OITC engineers, either individually or in teams, are available for short or long term assignments at client sites.

Corporate Development

OITC established the partnerships with domestic and offshore companies and assists them throughout the corporate development.

System-Level Software Development

OITC develops and delivers Linux Distribution, Real-time embedded systems and a vast area of systems software packages under MS-Windows and Linux.

Application Development

OITC has developed lots of applications in a vast area of IT, on the basis of advanced knowledge and experience in operating systems' internals.


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