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MILYONG is one of the edge technology R/D centers and  subsidiary firms, under KCC (Korea Computer Center) that is well known as a central base of IT development industry in DPRKorea and is situated  in Sonnaedong,  Mangyangdae district.,  Pyongyang.

  MILYONG is an edge technology developing company that puts the main stress on the medical information processing technology development to produce the medical diagnostic equipment and medical information systems for diagnosing and curing of human diseases. Its major businesses are research and development of medical products, technical consulting, marketing of the products and so on.

  MILYONG has been grown up from the Knowledge Engineering Department of KCC at the beginning days in 1990 to the present company specialized in carrying out development of biotechnology and medical engineering. During 15 years from its beginning time, the number of specialists in medical information engineering has been continuously grown up and now they are becoming the main technical force, while young technicians are constantly recruited by help of the state government.

  The representative technologies of MILYONG expert group include mathematical modeling of human organs, many AI methodologies such as expert system, image process and speech recognition, communication technology, and hardware design and manufacturing and so on.

    The Cardio-Cerebral Vascular Disease Diagnosis System(CCVD-3000)

as the major one of products from MILYONG was awarded with the gold medal in the 23rd international Exhibition of New Technology, Products and Innovation held in Geneva, Swiss in April 1995 for its peculiar and unique diagnostic value, and the product has been widely being on sale in many countries and areas.

  Another product is Body Constitutional Classification System that is a health service-supporting device and is designed to combine the Koryo traditional medicine with the IT.

Recently many trade companies are ordering for the product and it has been marketed especially in Far East countries.

  As well as MILYONG is manufacturing Coldness Sensibility Analyzer and Multi Functional Electrocardiograph that had been researched and developed by the company itself.The multi media software Koryo Medicine Thesaurus developed in MILYONG is achieving a high marketing rate at home and abroad by richness in content value and user’s convenience. Also MILYONG is developing and marketing the products that can realize the traditional medical diagnosis method by the modern technology means such as Koryo Medical Diagnosis & Treatment unit and Pulse Diagnosis unit. Today MILYONG is developing the information technology for the medical diagnosis and treatment such as PACS and HIS and introducing them to the hospitals at home and abroad. MILYONG researches the genome information analysis technology to suit an upward trend of the development of the biotechnology and develops its applied various of products.

  The goal of Milyong is to realize the general remote medical service system based on the modern information communication technology.