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MILYONG will develop only the peculiar product applied the new medical engineering principles.

Our stand is to speculate progressively and to create boldly to know what people want and need than to produce in large number.

Marketing of the products of Milyong

Milyong concentrates great efforts upon marketing of major products such as the Cardio-Cerebral Vascular disease Diagnosis System, the Cerebral Vascular disease Diagnosis System, the Body Constitutional Classification System, the Multi Functional Electrocardiograph, the Coldness Sensibility Analyzer and the Koryo Medicine Thesaurus that have been already developed  and normally innovates in functions of them for the demands of clients. 

Towards the medical information system development to unify hospitals, clinics and families

  The keystone in modern medicine is the remote medicine and family medicine. 
Milyong gives the strong emphasis on the development of the comprehensive medical information system based on the modern information communication technology from the development of the single medical equipment in strategy of next development plan.
  The keystone in the development of the remote medical system is the development of the special remote medical terminal and is to apply the technologies such as embedded system development technology and BlueTooth.
  MILYONG is developing the medical information system that incorporates the personal portable medical equipment and the diagnosis treatment equipment for home use with the hospital, clinic and house.