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Cardio-Cerebral Vascular disease Diagnosis System(CCVD-3000)

Cerebral Vascular disease Diagnosis System (CVD-3000)( English ) ( Russian )

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Cardio-Cerebral Vascular disease Diagnosis System(CCVD-3000)

This product is a new function diagnosis department equipment to diagnose Cardio-Cerebral diseases and  nervus autonomic functions by measuring compliance and  blood flow resistance of cardio-cerebral blood vessels.


     Main function

-Various binominals( ECG, APG, REG, NIBP )

-Measure the compliance, resistance, blood flow of cardio-cerebral artery

-Diagnosis for each cardio-cerebral artery

   · Coronaria artery, Aorta, ACA, MCA, PCA, etc.

-Diagnose various cardio-cerebral artery disease

   · Ischemic Heart disease included Myocardial infarction, Angina pectoris

   · Cerebral Ischemic disease included Cerebral infarction

-Automatic diagnosis of ECG

-Touchscreen system

      Compliance, Resistance, Blood flow

Blood vessel compliance is the amount of change of volume of blood vessel arising when the blood pressure applied to the vessel changes as much as the unit pressure.

When C is big, it shows blood vessel is floppy and on the contrary if it is small it means blood vessel is hard.

The resistance of blood flow is resistant force of blood vessel against blood flow.If the blood flow resistance is big it means blood is flowing hardly and if it is small then it means blood is flowing well.

CCVD-3000 estimates the functional states of cardio-cerebral blood vessels by measuring these compliance of blood and blood flow resistance.

Besides, it also measures the pulse wave propagation rate reflecting the degree of arteriosclerosis of entire artery system and estimates the nervus autonomicus.

      Polite interface design for customers

-Keyboard function using touchscreen

-Comfortable measurement from any pose

-Can be easily used gearing with patient database structured before.

-Can estimate the states of patient's blood vessels within 20 minutes.


-Ischemic Heart disease included Myocardial infarction (MI), Angina pectoris

-Cerebral Ischemic disease included Cerebral arteriosclerosis, Cerebral infarction

-Vertebro basilar insufficiency